Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Symptoms and the Issue


First I am compiling what I think the issue at hand is, then including notes I have received via email from various people.

Issue 1: The Sony design is defective
as it includes the power unit imbedded with the mother board. To the best of my knowledge no other manufacturer does this.
1.1 If power unit goes down you have to replace the whole mother board
1.2 A service engineer at Fry's told me in a single week 3 Vaio's had come in with the same problem. Multiply this with number of outlets selling SONY Vaio laptops and we probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of such complaints in a single month.
1.3 It cannot be possible that Sony is unaware of this issue at such a large scale. Even if this is accurate to a 10% factor it is a major issue

2. Defective Design details
2.1 The power unit is connected by micro cables so cannot be repaired - I know of someone that tried micro soldering and melted the connectors. So dont try that

2.2 I have used around 10 other Laptoips / manufacturers never had a similar problem - so this is a Special VAIO only design. The question is whether this is a plan or defect.

2.3 SONY Vaio knew this and possibly banked on Motherboard replacement to keep up revenues - this is a subjective assumption. Though if VAIO knew about this prior to today and did not fix it then they are guilty by association by not (1) satisfying existing customers; (2) fixing the issue immediately; (3) recalling all defective models publicly as so many customer centric companies have done.

2.4 NOTICE TO SONY EMPLOYEES: If anyone works in Sony and saw similar reports / market surveys / emails / notices please email to us and we guarantee only to keep documents and delete sender track - unless the person authorizes us to show same

3. Lack of Customer care or service
3.1 Everyone of us has either contacted the distributor or Sony directly and not received any service to our satisfaction
3.2 If Sony declines knowledge of this, although I would like to see how they can explain themselves out of this one, then they DO NOT CARE
3.3 If they recogonize and did not replace our units or apologise, or change designs they again DO NOT CARE

3.4 Let us together fix this lack of Customer service / care once for all and commence with a NO SONY revolution- and support its growth.

Lets join hands and encourage our friends, families, co-workers, adn the world to stop buying SONY products as they obviously do not care.
I began this 3 years ago and recently bought a Canon MINI DV Camera. 2 months later it gave me some problem, returned it - no questions asked - that I call service

3. The Sony Vaio power unit is defective as there are so many breaking all over the place.

4. I have converted from a SONY preacher to never SONY again with just their response to customer dissatisfaction - recommend we all do the same till Sony starts to listen to us - economies of scale in reverse

Here is a collection of what we jointly feel is the issue:
These are verbatum 'cut-&-paste' from emails I have received that represent the issue and the symptoms. I am not including any names or emails unless clearly specified by the person. I have every supporting email for every entry here, plus many more....keep it comming

Issue 1:
The sony Power connector is embedded into the motherboard. The power connector is defective and poorly designed.
If you send your Viao to Sony they will charge a $250 to see the problem and then recommend you spend close to 900 + to get the problem resolved. You again get a defective designed mother board.
If you opt for a NO you loose 250.

Issue 2:
I bought my Sony VIAO in June 2002 and when my power started to actup I took it to 'Fry's only to find that in the last 3 weeks they had 4 VAIO's with a Power problem.

Issue 3
I too have recently encountered the power connector problem and after taking a look have discovered that this is a very poor design. One of the internal connectors appears to be a copper blade which by nature of the metal is weak material and is subject to corrosion and oxidation. You may notice some green looking powdery material on the larger outer connector. I can't see the inside connector (center female connector) well enough but suspect it too is probably the same. I believe that two issues may exist. One being the connector material being copper in the laptops outter connection and the second being poor support for the connector at the motherboard. I am being quoted 699.00 to repair. I can get aroung the problem by purchasing a Port Replicator from Sony for 199.00 but am afraid that the same connector and design may be incorporated into the port replicator.

Issue 4
>You know I have had the same problem with my Grx-550. Wanting to know if
>you have found a satisfactory answer from Sony. And if my only option is
>to get whole new motherboard and power supply? Thanks for posting that. I
>am really discouraged by this problem. My extended warranty is now over.

Symptom 1
The usual problem is that the power unit shows a green light but the Viao does not power up. So your battery goes to 0.00 and the system shuts down. No way around this.
When you try to restart it dies midway and shuts down again.

Symptom 2
The Vaio dies after 10 minutes despite the power being connected and power input confirmation.

Symptom 3
1. Push power button.
2. Green power LED comes on.
3. Harddrive and fan spin up.
4. Screen remains dark, the "Sony" logo never appears, there is no additional harddrive activity, and the computer is effectively dead although the green power LED stays on).

Symptom 4
I have a grx580 which developed similar problems last night. When I power it up, the power led (green) is lit, the battery led (yellow) blinks indicating it's charging, and the HD led (yellow) goes on for a second or two but then then goes out. The screen never comes up at all, but the green power led stays on and the battery led keeps blinking. Nothing happens until I hit the power switch for 4 seconds to power it off. Are you seeing similar problems to mine?

Symptom 5
I bought a Sony VAIO XG-18 in May of 2000. I have been having problems recently with the power supply. The battery monitor says that the battery is charging, but it shows 0%. When I disconnect the power supply (AC), the computer shuts down. I hope we can get enough people for this suit.


At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Warren McCoy said...

I have had my PCG-GRX550 for several years now, and last night it did it! Green light stays on, HD light goes on once, and then NOTHING... I shut it down, and pressed the Power button many times, after about 20 tries, it came back on! did a complete systems check and all was fine.

Hit Restart and back to blank screen with green light on.

Not sure what we can do, but happy to see what Sony might be willing to do if a lawsuit came about!
Warren McCoy, Dallas TX

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the same thing except, when it did turn on, right after Windows XP loaded, the blue screen of death saying there was an error came up.

At 7:20 AM, Blogger bladeMX said...

my wife's laptop has symptom #3. is there any way to fix this?

At 5:39 PM, Anonymous M.Faizal said...

I just bought a brand new Sony VAIO VGN CR353 in October 2008 (Yes almost 2 month's old) and now my laptop dies and won't boot up.

Usually if I connect to the power unit VAIO will blink one time signalling a power source but now nothing.I press 'ON' button and nothing.I disconnect the battery and nothing.

It's a brand new 2 month's old laptop.Everyday I only use it for 3 - 4 hours in an air-conditioned room with 3 fans below the laptop.

I'm hoping that this power supply unit is under warranty or things will get ugly between me and Sony.

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