Wednesday, April 13, 2005


We need to spread the word to family, friends, and everyone to


Stop buying anything with the Sony brand on it.

If this represents their customer service then inform your family and friends of your own experiences.

I have a house full of Sony stuff, Television, VCR, DVD, Speakers, Handycam, VAIO
so I am the most guilty but lets collectively call for a stop now

Some new examples of complaints

These are simply cut-paste from emails

'my Vaio is old now- PCG-N505SN- but is very small and cute. And the battery hasn't been working for a very long time- it says 94% battery lifetime left to run but the machine won't recharge it or run off it.'

I purchased two Sony Vaio Laptops (PCG FRV31, PCG FRV27) in August 2004. I now have one useless laptop (PCG FRV31) and another one that's probably on its way to being that way. I want action on this now.
Laptop Symptoms: Are As Follows
The Symptoms and the Issue:
Symptom 3
1. Push power button.
2. Green power LED comes on.
3. Harddrive and fan spin up.
4. Screen remains dark, the "Sony" logo never appears, there is no additional harddrive activity, and the computer is effectively dead although the green power LED stays on).

I want my computer fixed without a defective motherboard or my 1600.00 back for a known defective product.

First I am compiling what I think the issue at hand is, then including notes I have received via email from various people.

Issue 1: The Sony design is defective
as it includes the power unit imbedded with the mother board. To the best of my knowledge no other manufacturer does this.
1.1 If power unit goes down you have to replace the whole mother board
1.2 A service engineer at Fry's told me in a single week 3 Vaio's had come in with the same problem. Multiply this with number of outlets selling SONY Vaio laptops and we probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of such complaints in a single month.
1.3 It cannot be possible that Sony is unaware of this issue at such a large scale. Even if this is accurate to a 10% factor it is a major issue

2. Defective Design details
2.1 The power unit is connected by micro cables so cannot be repaired - I know of someone that tried micro soldering and melted the connectors. So don't try that

2.2 I have used around 10 other Laptops / manufacturers never had a similar problem - so this is a Special VAIO only design. The question is whether this is a plan or defect.

2.3 SONY Vaio knew this and possibly banked on Motherboard replacement to keep up revenues - this is a subjective assumption. Though if VAIO knew about this prior to today and did not fix it then they are guilty by association by not (1) satisfying existing customers; (2) fixing the issue immediately; (3) recalling all defective models publicly as so many customer centric companies have done.

2.4 NOTICE TO SONY EMPLOYEES: If anyone works in Sony and saw similar reports / market surveys / emails / notices please email to us and we guarantee only to keep documents and delete sender track - unless the person authorizes us to show same

3. Lack of Customer care or service
3.1 Everyone of us has either contacted the distributor or Sony directly and not received any service to our satisfaction
3.2 If Sony declines knowledge of this, although I would like to see how they can explain themselves out of this one, then they DO NOT CARE
3.3 If they recognized and did not replace our units or apologize, or change designs they again DO NOT CARE

3.4 Let us together fix this lack of Customer service / care once for all and commence with a NO SONY revolution- and support its growth.

Lets join hands and encourage our friends, families, co-workers, and the world to stop buying SONY products as they obviously do not care.
I began this 3 years ago and recently bought a Canon MINI DV Camera. 2 months later it gave me some problem, returned it - no questions asked - that I call service

My Laptop Symptoms: Are As Follows

Symptom 1
The usual problem is that the power unit shows a green light but the Via does not power up. So your battery goes to 0.00 and the system shuts down. No way around this.
When you try to restart it dies midway and shuts down again.

Symptom 2
The Vaio dies after 10 minutes despite the power being connected and power input confirmation.

Symptom 3
1. Push power button.
2. Green power LED comes on.
3. Harddrive and fan spin up.
4. Screen remains dark, the "Sony" logo never appears, there is no additional harddrive activity, and the computer is effectively dead although the green power LED stays on).

Symptom 4
I have a grx580 which developed similar problems last night. When I power it up, the power led (green) is lit, the battery led (yellow) blinks indicating it's charging, and the HD led (yellow) goes on for a second or two but then it goes out. The screen never comes up at all, but the green power led stays on and the battery led keeps blinking. Nothing happens until I hit the power switch for 4 seconds to power it off. Are you seeing similar problems to mine?

Symptom 5
I bought a Sony VAIO XG-18 in May of 2000. I have been having problems recently with the power supply. The battery monitor says that the battery is charging, but it shows 0%. When I disconnect the power supply (AC), the computer shuts down. I hope we can get enough people for this suit.

I know that Sony knows about this problem and I want an answer to how I can get my computer fixed for free, or 3500.00 back for both laptops.


I am having the same problem with my vaio where the power light and HD light comes on but the screen never shows up or computer does not boot. Please let me know what you have found out or what everyone is doing about it. I ran across your site

I have a Sony VAIO PCG-F450 with Symptom #3. Is this model also apart of
the suit?

Please count me in. I had to replace my Vaio laptop. The laptop was less
than 2 years old and would be almost as much to fix the power supply as to
purchase a new one. Unfortunately, I did not buy the insurance which would
have replaced the machine. I purchased the laptop 06/02 from Fry's
Electronics is Sacramento, CA. Sony's attitude is basically "too bad" - I
had to purchase a new laptop in 02/04 because the computer would not start
at all, and was told that the power supply was bad.
Thanks so much for the email. Please keep me informed.
I will pass along the word

My Sony Vaio which I purchased in June of 2002 also has power problems and the technician told me that it is the controller on the motherboard. Did you have any luck with getting Sony to fix the problem? I am very interested in hearing from you. I am just sick about it and use my laptop a lot and don't want to have a $2000 laptop not work.

I've been having trouble with my VAIO laptop unable to charge up and having power/motherboard issues. I was researching it on the web and found your posting on EzBoard in the VAIO forum. I agree with you that Sony needs to take some more responsibility for this kind of problem. Have you found some means to resolve the issue? If so I'd really like to get your two cents on the whole thing.

Please let me know if anyone has come up with a solution to this problem. First time I had problem was 7 months (Nov 03) after purchasing. Problem was resolved at store where I purchased, so I did not send back to Sony. Problem occurred again recently. Sony won't honor warranty because of supposedly "liquid damage" and they said the box has been opened. I have "Never spilled anything on my laptop." When I stressed that point, they came back and said that the box had also been opened by unauthorized repair service. That part may be true because the technician at the store did note that he had repaired the receptacle when I had taken it back to the store for a backup. I had originally been told by the store that they could not repair, but they would back it up for me. The store was willing to support me with Sony's claim of liquid damage, but they are starting to get defensive about the repair that the technician made when the problem first occurred. Now I uncomfortable with having them check out the computer. Sony sent it back to me because I would not authorized $1267 repair estimate. Have not unpacked it and do not no where to turn at this point. Manufacturer's warranty expires 4//14/04. Don't know what I should expect with the extended warranty

You know I have had the same problem with my Grx-550. Wanting to know if you have found a satisfactory answer from Sony. And if my only option is to get whole new motherboard and power supply? Thanks for posting that. I am really discouraged by this problem. My extended warranty is now over. Let me know what you have done